About Us

We are incredibly thankful for the people, and success of Genesis Real Estate & Management, and whether you’re a tenant, investor or realtor, we hope to count you as one of our future success stories! We are a full-service Tucson Real Estate & Property Management Company. We have the experience to handle all of your real estate property purchases, property sales and property management needs (both private and commercial). Genesis Real Estate and Management is equipped with a solid team of professionals. Genesis Real Estate & Management agents have the combined experience to handle your real estate needs including but not limited to vacant land transactions, 1031 exchanges, home sales, first time home buyers, investment properties and full service property management services. We are able to provide essential property management as well as home buying and sales, at a reasonable rate.

Since opening our doors in 2010 we now manage more than 300 properties with a team that still feels like family. We’re not shy about this success because it’s driven by our philosophy to help people and provide exceptional service. We have high standards that we follow so our clients can be confident that their investment is being managed properly and professionally. We have an approved service vendor list we can share with our clients that includes cleaners, maintenance workers, and much more. We know our owners and tenants by name, and therefore can conduct business and interact with them on a more personal level. All owners are provided our cell phone numbers to reach us after hours, if needed. We believe that this makes their experience as owner more enjoyable and free of worry.

We would be happy to meet with you one on one to discuss your Real Estate needs. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you..

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